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My kind debase their potential, and for what? Peace and good will? What simple-minded foolishness!

–-Az-Thorz, on declaring his repulsion to his kind's treaty with other Denin cultures.

Az-Thorz Elz Uunriel
Framed Az-Thorz.jpg
General attributes
Gender Male
Age 79 cycles
Creature-kind Water Horse
Other attributes
Eye Colour Silver
Height 5'8" (from the withers)
Weight 1136 pounds
Manna Type Denin
Kingdom of Origin Gelian

Az-Thorz is a water horse stallion whose territory covers much of the inner Labyrinth of Tears region of Mistwood. Since his acquisition of new (and frightening) powers, he has spent his spans inflicting damage on the ecosystem of the Labyrinth and terrorising the local inhabitants with his potent, illusionistic magic.

He is one of the primary antagonists in The Beacon Thrones and a major obstacle (and threat) for Laeka'Draeon and his companions to overcome in their quest to restore the first of the Beacon Thrones.


Muscular and lean, Az-Thorz is a prime specimen of his kind; something he is all too aware of and flaunts with offensive superiority.

His fur is black (in sunlight highlights of rich blue-sable can be seen), and ripples with the movement of his muscles, as well as the natural oily secretions of his skin. Both his mane and tail are long (nearly touching the ground) and silken in texture, with strands of water reeds tangled into them.

The inner linings of his nostrils are luminous, and glow pale, like the moon. He has silvery-coloured eyes that are described as hypnotic.

He exudes a beguiling but unsettlingly manic energy—a beast of mesmerising beauty, and frightening madness. His voice is described as strong and clear, even when his lips are barely moving, and with an alluring, mellow tone. His front teeth are needle-like in shape, seen when he peels his lips back in threat against Laeka'Draeon and Shifra (The Beacon Thrones, Chapter Thirty-Two).


A creature of intoxicating magnificence and exorbitant pride, Az-Thorz delights in wielding his powers of charm and illusion over others. He is drawn to beautiful things and covets the diverse abilities of other Denin creatures.

The youngest of his Sire’s offspring, Az-Thorz flaunts equal bursts of obstinacy and arrogance. Though raised with the elite ritualistic teachings of his creature-kind, Az-Thorz has little regard for such strict creeds, as his ideals lean toward rebellious self-indulgence.

It is Az-Thorz’ pride and discontent of his present status that turn him to corruption—with the aid of Sadukravon’s furtive influence—in order to increase his strength and magic. And it is this dabbling in the tainted manna of the world that ends up driving Az-Thorz to madness.


Valadilian Trivia: Az-Thorz is one of Nine Princes of the Deep Realms; the highest branch of authority in water horse society. Unfortunately, the nobility and pride and duty mantled over the position are wasted on the young prince, due to his rebelliousness.

Real World Trivia: Az-Thorz' physique was inspired by the Friesian horse breed.