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I am Belzor Ven'Ho, son of Denaedius Ven'Ho, and in recorded history, the most powerful of the prophetic line in five hundred cycles.

–-Belzor, on officially affirming the reason for his renown to Laeka'Draeon

Belzor is a charismatic and blithe centaur and prodigy of the prophetic centaur bloodline.

It is his acclaimed position as the Misht'thurelin (High Prophet) of Gelian that has his path cross with Laeka'Draeon when, while actively seeking him out to ask for guidance on the missing dragons, Laeka'Draeon and company are attacked, unprovoked, by a vile gollow gellidi called, Sotaik, and Belzor's sentinel entourage (led by Belzor himself) gallops to intervene.

Belzor is an important support character in the series and is the featured character on the book cover of The Sword of Stars (Book 4).


The book (Kin Seeker) gives a reasonably comprehensive description of Belzor, which is complemented by the illustrations created by the author.

Wiry muscles sculpted his form, and his skin was smooth and richly sun-toned. A ring of gold gleamed on his right index finger, and a tattoo ran up his left arm, from elbow to shoulder, in an abstract pattern of flame-like curves.

–Kin Seeker, Chapter Twenty Three

Further descriptions reveal his equine half to be dappled-grey, and his hair to be frosty white, with two sections grown long down behind the ears and twined into plaits.

His eyes are defined as being an alluring topaz colour, and very expressive; exuding kindness and joviality.

When he smiles, both his cheeks dimple.

How other characters react to him, as well as outright adjectives, leave no doubt about Belzor's physical appeal. He is considered quite handsome, which actually results in many a surprised reaction when others realise that he is the Misht'thurelin (the third highest-ranking centaur in the kingdom).

It is due to his younger age (for a centaur) and extraordinarily amiable disposition, that the king and queen of Gelian actually set up an edict for Belzor not to reveal his identity to those who are not aware of his high status, unless the situation calls for it.


Talented and charismatic from a young age, Belzor is loved by all who know him. His inborn magical prowess and captivating presence have disarmed many a skeptical attitude, and his humility has earned him respect amongst vassals and superiors alike.

Due to his receptivity to magic, he was chosen as the next Misht’thurelin and keeper of the centaurs’ most sacred artefact: the Imurainiir. He fulfils his duty wholeheartedly, finding joy in helping others on a soulful and spiritual level, although silently despairs at the isolation his position brings. As Misht'thurelin, he is expected to place his calling above everything else and is soul-bound to the mysterious power of the Imurainiir (a tie that has been the known cause of madness and death of past prophets).

Child-like at heart, Belzor enjoys simplicity, and close companionship. His love of life nourishes his blithe sense of humour, although due to his short attention span, he has a tendency to miscommunicate and forget things he does not consider essential to the moment.


Belzor is the centaurs' Misht'thurelin (High Prophet) and is, essentially, the spiritual leader to the centaur creature-kind. His influence is extensive; he has close political and societal relationships with numerous kingdom leaders, including the renowned seer, Lady Megandel. He is also known (by position and reputation) throughout many of the commoner spheres across all eleven kingdoms of Valadae, and is held in high esteem.

As Misht'thurelin, it is Belzor's calling to guide and counsel all those who come to him for guidance. He is also tasked to participate in matters of state, if necessary, as well as act as head caretaker of the temple, Elenoelian, and the guardian of the centaur's prized relic, the Imurainiir. Unique to his position, he is the living conduit to Imurainiir's power, and is the only one capable of joining with its immense energy flow, in order to obtain prophetic insight into places, times and events outside of the natural flow of time.

When Laeka'Draeon comes to him seeking guidance and information regarding the missing dragons, Belzor assists by allowing the young dragon to participate in a joining with the Imurainiir. The result is a powerful vision pertaining to the desecrated Beacon Thrones (which, at first, neither Belzor or Laeka'Draeon realise, due to the prophecy fracturing, like scattered puzzle pieces, and entering Laeka'Draeon's mind instead of Belzor's).

Belzor makes the decision to direct Laeka'Draeon to the faerie queen, Lady Megandel, whose uncanny seer abilities could possibly restore the prophecy's imagery and decipher its meaning.

Later, in the Sword of Stars, Belzor is compelled the join with the Imurainiir again, where he is given a final prophesy, pertaining to his own fate (something that has never happened in the history of the prophets). Called to action, he dismantles the Imurainiir--taking up its sword--and travels with his companions to follow its mysterious pulling, knowing it is leading him to somehow assist in Laeka'Draeon's quest in a significant way.

It is through Belzor and the Imurainiir that the corrupted barriers over Dae and Laranen'Unok are destoryed. He also discovers that he (wielding the sword of stars) is the only one able to defeat the High General of Beruun Terrolaghn, Thrawn.


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Belzor rescues Laeka'Draeon and his companions from a rampaging Sotaik, and brings them to Elenoelian to tend to their wounds. During their stay, he treats them all as valued guests. He finds Laeka'Draeon's curiosity and trusting nature endearing and takes an immediate liking to the young dragon. After Laeka'Draeon learns of Belzor's identity as the Misht'thurelin, Belzor insists the young dragon refrain from submissive and overtly respectful overtures, wishing to keep their interaction relaxed and on equal terms (likely as a show of the respect he has for dragon-kind, as well as the desire to have a more personable connection with Laeka'Draeon). He endeavours to guide and encourage the young dragon, reminding him of the important things he has found on his journey: trustworthy allies, and the knowledge that he is not alone. Belzor likely feels a strong affinity with the young dragon, as both of them have weighty destinies and high expectations placed upon their shoulders. Both are also adamant in their love and loyalty to their friends.


Aware that Ubi is of the Goldling inheritance--the equivalent of royalty in unicorn society--Belzor treats her with charming geniality; and he seems well aware of the disarming effect his mannerisms have on her. He refers to her as 'Lady' and is open and vocal in his observations of her loveliness and likeable qualities. He sees her as an invaluable companion for Laeka'Draeon, and reiterates to both of them the importance of staying together and using each others unique strengths to help them on their long and perilous quest.

Ferule and Chase Sheddly

Belzor's friendship with the Sheddly twins is a long-standing one, likely going back to their childhood years. He is especially fond of their company because they treat him as though there is no disparity in their social circles and status (even though they are humble military vanguards, and he the third highest ranking centaur in the kingdom). Their interacts are bristling with fun and jest and brotherly comradery, and their friendship is something of a lifeline for Belzor--whose life is primarily driven by immense social and spiritual pressures.


Belzor and Maewren have shared social circles since childhood, both having come from prestigious families. But it is likely after Maewren shifted her position from socialite to Elenoelian disciple, that their relationship fostered new and richer tethers; being able to share in things such as daily duties and faith. Belzor's affection for Maewren is clearly more than what he expresses (as first hinted at in The Beacon Thrones), and the feeling is mutely reciprocated, although neither speak (nor act on) how they truly feel. With his life bombarded by social interactions and congregational and governmental duties, it is no wonder he is allured to Maewren's refreshingly serene and soft personality. She is also considered by many to be naturally very beautiful. They have likely danced around each other's feelings for a long time, neither taking the next step due to Belzor's demanding position as the Misht'thurelin.

Lady Megandel

Aside from the king and queen of Gelian (the rulers of centaur-kind) Belzor shares the closest leader-to-leader alliance with Lady Megandel, the ruler of faerie-kind. Their rapport makes sense, as her realm is a (smaller) part of Gelian's whole, and even though the Raegelian Forest is under the governance of the faeries (and not the centaurs) both kinds share a close allegiance--having shared economical goals and cultural rapport. One could even say that Belzor and Megandel's relationship is deeper than the normal accord seen between close allies; more akin to a genuine friendship, with a possible mentor/mentee facet, since Megandel is a veteran ruler and highly skilled seer compared to Belzor.


Belzor has a deep respect--even reverence--for Ourntar, as he is both Lady Megandel's advisor, and of the rare and supernatural soujor creature-kind. While Ourntar is chiefly protector and counsel to the faerie queen, due to the established relationship between Megandel and Belzor, the soujor extends his influence and invaluable wisdom to the young prophet, which Belzor readily takes to heart.


Though the centaur creature-kind is Et'denin (non-magical) by natural standards, there are some bloodlines that consistently carry a Denin connection, thanks to hundreds of cycles and several generations honing skills in the magic arts.

Light and Healing Magic

Belzor's ancestry is one such line, and he, particularly, is a prodigy vessel to powerful manna flows. As such, he can cast magic, specifically of the Light and Healing arts. In these he is masterful, able to summon Light in such a pure form that it can disintegrate creatures and objects tainted by corruption. His Healing abilities are also nothing to scoff at; he is able to completely mend Laeka'Draeon's broken wing (which was crushed by Sotaik). With Ubi's amplification ability, he is also able to heal the massive gouge wound in Maewren's side, as well as restore her leg (which was badly broken and twisted). Had he not exerted a massive amount of energy casting the Light spell that obliterated the hobgoblin group and their two ghoshmyls, moments before, he likely would have been able to heal Maewren on his own.

Though he is capable of summoning energy without invocation, he often chooses to speak words of power to help focus the channelling of his magic.

Though he is of an evolved bloodline (from Et'denin to Denin), Belzor is still susceptible to the dangers that spellcasters from Et'denin kinds can succumb to, namely the draining of the individual's life-force due to the excess of energy flowing through/ out of them. Because of this, Belzor has two Soul Guards (Doriel and Laurana) that nearly always accompany him. Both are skilled magic-wielders, whose purpose for that skill-set is to augment Belzor's own power, and pass their energy into him as a kind of 'recharging' method, to ensure his life-force remains stable. It should be noted that the Soul Guards have their limitations, too, and therefore must be careful in how they distribute their own energy.


Magic aside, being a centaur provides Belzor with the additional natural strength and stamina his kind is renowned for. He can run for dozens of hours non-stop (up to three days is necessary), as well as carry up to three times his weight. Having such high stamina is an important factor in Belzor's ability to exert a lot of energy without tiring; that includes bouts of physical movement and use of high-tiered magic castings.

Soul Talk

Belzor is a proficient user of Soul Talk (the Valadilian equivalent of telepathy), as first revealed in Kin Seeker. He utilises the ability numerous times throughout the series, including communications to Ubi, his Soul Guards, and Laeka'Draeon.

Spirit Messages

It is also confirmed that he can create Spirit Messages; as revealed in The Sword of Stars. His form of choice is a lotus wren--possibly as a token reflecting his unexpressed love for Maewren.

Musical Talent

Belzor has a lovely-sounding tone to his voice (described as 'smooth and musical') and sings in tenor. His singing is described as 'beautiful'. It is implied that he participates in sessions of musical worship in the Valour Shrine, alongside his disciples and clerics.