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Beruun Terrolaghn. A name from the hilesal language, meaning Black Mountains. Known long ago as the Border Realm, the enormous mountain range spanning across Valadae’s northern rim was re-named after an influx of corrupted manna permanently altered the natural energies of both plant and stone, right to their very core. Some believe the defilement was a direct result of the Manna Eruption that destroyed the northern half of Koventh. Others believe that the distortion was caused by something else—something that used the remnant energies of the Eruption to augment its own power.

Whatever the origin, the mountains were irrevocably transformed into a barren, perilous domain, in which all manner of corrupted entities began to allot as a sanctuary, in order to thrive.

The Fall of Hunadreas

During the times of the Border Realm's prosperity, the duard creature-kind ruled the inner mountains, building giant underground cities, bastions, and outposts, and connecting them via roads (called Ways) and portals (called Merge Doors). The crown of their civilisation was the city of Hunadreas, which was home to all the Noble Clans, and spanned the lengths and breadths of the northern ranges.

When the hobgoblin clans were captured and converted by the invading manticors, the duards were betrayed and driven from their great domain. Hunadreas became the grounds for many terrible battles; first, the brutal skirmishes of the Duarden Exiles, and then during the first waves of the War of Shores, seventy cycles later.

The fall of Hunadreas dealt a terrible blow to the duard creature-kind. They lost, not only their largest and grandest city but their royal bloodline and several Noble Clans.

Once Hunadreas came under the manticor and hobgoblin control, the countdown to the War of Shores began.

Cut Off

Though the Border Realm was once a part of Valadae, when the region earned its new name of Beruun Terrolaghn, it was effectively blotted from every documented map of Valadae. Though some records of the original Valadilian boundaries remain, Beruun Terrolaghn has not been an official part of the kingdoms since the Age of Discord.

Since the event known as The Gathering, some creature-kinds (namely the duards and the dragons) have held onto the hope that the Border Realm could one day be reclaimed and cleansed. But many believe the mountains forever lost; too tainted by Corruption to ever be reborn as an inhabitable realm again.


Valadilian Trivia: Many Valadilians believe speaking aloud the mountains' name will invoke a curse upon them. Though this is not likely to occur, the name 'Beruun Terrolaghn' is from the hilesal language (the language used to cast magic), and it is a known fact that individuals careless with the hilesal have unwittingly invoked manna distortions.