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You can be sure of one thing, Taijorn—that definitely ain't no earth grub.

–Cab, on realising Taijorn found a dragon, and not a bug (Taijorn's favourite thing to find and collect)

Cab and Taijorn are support characters in the Dragon Calling series and are introduced in Kin Seeker, in the earlier chapters (before Laeka'Draeon's quest begins).

They are wescats from the western province of Kilnii, in the northern kingdom of Kiiyoten. Ex-vanguard-turned-merchant and herbologist, respectively, the life-long friends began the long trek from their forest home to answer the call for help from Cab's cousin, whose attempt at starting a life far away in a south-western hemlan city, has gotten him into some trouble (unspecified, though it is implied that the corruption of influential forces within the city is part of the issue).

Choosing to make an adventure out of the rather arduous situation, the wescats opt for travelling (primarily) on foot, and it is their decision to cut cross-country that has their paths unexpectedly cross with Laeka'Draeon.

They find the young dragon alone in the Grey Hill Valleys, bound by what appears to be a Paralysis Seal.

Though Taijorn initially holds reservations, Cab is quick to use his bai baton to break the Seal and set the dragon free. The fortuitous meeting and subsequent conversation forms a small but memorable bond and reveals information vital to Laeka'Draeon's budding journey.


Being wescats, Cab and Taijorn have the signature mustelid features (long spine, thick fur, short rounded noses, and large straight claws), but otherwise, are very different in appearance.

Taijorn has motley fur of black and tan, with white markings on his face, paws, and tail. At the initial encounter with Laeka'Draeon, Taijorn is wearing a bulging double-strapped travelling pack. Taijorn also has heterochromia, a condition where the eyes are a different colour; Taijorn's are brown (left eye) and yellow (right eye).

Illustrations by the author have Taijorn with larger, 'brighter' eyes, and longer, scruffier fur than Cab. His ears are also more rounded at the tips.

Cab is described as having dark ruddy-brown fur, which is well-kempt. As far as stature, Cab is taller, and due to his martial training, more muscular (though that is difficult to tell beneath the thick fur). At the initial encounter with Laeka'Draeon, Cab is wearing a leather weapon harness (strapped over one shoulder and across the chest) which is used to carry his bai baton (see the wescat page for more info on the batons). His baton is purple in colour, with a circular head.

Illustrations by the author show Cab with green eyes and small tufts on the ears.


Cablin (Cab for short) Redfringe:

Confident and charismatic, Cab sees the world in a straightforward manner and approaches life accordingly. He dislikes spontaneity and obsessive behaviour, which is odd considering his best friend is both artless and compulsive.

Having grown up in a family of vanguards, he is well-trained in the art of combat, though he finds conflict tiresome and prefers resolving issues with his sharp tongue.

Though not a particularly affectionate wescat, Cab is extremely loyal to his family, as seen in his efforts to help his cousin, Haskel, even though it meant suspending his business in his home region and travelling across kingdoms for an indefinite time-frame.

Taijorn Gingertail:

Taijorn is even-tempered and cheerful, although his inattention to the moods of others often has him wrongly labelled a dimwit; though he does make a habit of speaking his mind and instigating an action before proper and practical consideration.

While not the most sensible, Taijorn is sincere in his feelings and expressions, and by nature, an extremely compassionate individual, with a love of life and all its curiosities. He is both affectionate and loyal, not only to kin but to friends from all creature-kinds and walks of life; even newly acquainted ones.


Cab is a merchant by trade, and Taijorn an experienced herbalist and potion-maker (and a likely source of some of Cab's merchadise). After Cab receives a message from his cousin, Haskel, requesting his assistance to help with his business, he and Taijorn suspend their own trading and embark of a journey from High Forest Way, to Shoumeign. The pair decide to make an adventure of the situation and travel (mostly) by foot; the decision has them bump into Laeka'Draeon, who, at the time, is trapped in a Paralysis Seal (or something akin). Cab breaks the seal and the trio are introduced. When the wescats learn of the young dragon's confusion (due to his amnesia) they help enlighten him by relaying information on the dragons' disappearance and the rumours from the north regarding Klonnoth Aire. Their insight (however minimal) helps to enforce Laeka'Draeon;s conviction to find the dragons and learn more about Klonnoth Aire.

Later, they have a surprising reunion with Laeka'Draeon, in Shoumeign, and introduce him to Cab's counsin, Haskel, and Haskel's business partner, Conso. With their help, the companions find a place to stay, and new allies to help them formulate a proper plan to rescue Norf and the pixie-cats from the Trappers.


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As wescats, both Cab and Taijorn are natural burrowers. Like (our world's) wombats and badgers, wescats are equipped with powerful claws specifically designed for digging. And although wescats have adopted the use of tools (especially for more arduous tasks, such as mining), their inborn ability to dig fast and dig well has not diminished.


With his charismatic and business-minded disposition, Cab is proficient in the art of exchanging goods. He specialises in trading, both in bartering and in sales. This is the probable reason why his cousin, Haskel, asked for his help in keeping his tavern (in Shoumeign) afloat. Cab likely also takes the time to teach Haskel better business practices.

Bai Baton Wielding

Cab's skill at wielding a bai baton stems from family traditions--with many of his family members choosing a calling as wescat vanguards. While her grew up training under more experienced kin, he veered from following in their footsteps, choosing instead a (less violent) life of trade. Still, his skills are enough that he is able to successfully defend the companions from harpies, during their escape from Shoumeign. Additionally, he has enough knowhow to detect spells and magical influences (as seen when he diagnoses Laeka'Draeon as being bound by a Paralysis Seal) and is able to disable them.


Taijorn is an experienced herbalist; skilled enough to be able to sell his mixes and concoctions with relative success. With such a skill comes extensive knowledge of the numerous types of medicinal plants and their properties.


It is referenced that Taijorn is capable of creating potions. Since potions require the ability to infuse raw manna into natural material-based concoctions, its suffice to say Taijorn is somewhat skilled at wielding magic--perhaps even to a greater degree than Cab. Potion-making is a precise art, requiring focus and the ability to draw on raw manna in steady streams; something the average wescat would have trouble mastering.