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Profile Faerie.jpg
General Information
Habitat Forests
Diet Fungi, fruits, nuts, flowers, insects
Attributes Elemental Manipulation, Rejuvenation, Soul Synchrony, Agility
Status In Decline
Lifespan Varied (15-550 cycles)
Other Information
Colour Brown, yellow, white, grey, tan
Height Varied (0'8"-4'11")
Manna Type Denin
Kingdom Gelian, Enquelandria
Native Language Faeren: the dialect of the faerie

Faeries are a docile, winged creature-kind, native to the forest regions of Gelian and Enquelandria. Though they are generally reclusive, they are widely known and fancied across the kingdoms of Valadae.

The faeries’ native tongue, faeren, is the second most common language—vadish being the first—shared by a diverse spectrum of kinds including fauns, satyrs, goblins, and centaurs. While used as a standard form of communication among other kinds, faeries wield the faeren language to cast glamour and spells. The famous trans-shifting circles—capable of anti-gravitational transportation—are a faerie invention and can only be activated using faeren numerals.


Faeries are curiously diverse in physical appearance. While all share the ability of flight, have cloven hooves instead of feet, and have a set of horns protruding from the forehead, their size, shape, colour, and magical adeptness vary depending on the sub-division of faerie-kind they belong to. They have been categorised into four types:

Honmirogein—meaning 'tall and fair'. They are the largest faerie and arguably the comeliest and strongest of their kind.

Uthrett—meaning 'feathered'. They are stocky faeries covered in thick hair, with extra layers bunched around their necks, chests, and groins. Their wings are also feathered, instead of the strong, segmented veins connected by chitin found on the other faerie kinds (like insect wings).

Quinelk—meaning 'hairless'. They are the opposite of uthretts in that they have no hair on their bodies (aside from their heads) and are slender in build. They are often inherently powerful spell-casters.

Geudavell—meaning 'traveller'. They are the only nomadic faerie-kind and traverse the southern kingdoms in vast numbers, following season weather shifts and phenomenon. They are hairy, like the uthretts, but their hair is very fine, with a sheen, 'glittery' quality.

Faerie types 2.jpg

Sensitive Synchrony

Akin to unicorns and nymphs, faeries rely on their magical prowess for their physical health and are susceptible to fatigue, illness, and even death if their natural connection to the manna of the land is subdued or severed. They are also highly susceptible to poisons, particularly miasmas and toxic fogs, and will often shy from places where the air is still.

Like their fellow Gelian inhabitants the nymphs, faeries are powerful Denin creatures, capable of elemental manipulations, rapid rejuvenation, and energy-synchrony with other living things (making them capable of sharing thoughts, feelings, and even memories with both animals and flora, like trees).

Though quinelks are technically the strongest magic-wielders, the honmirogein are the only faerie capable of maintaining a stable Denin connection when in compromised environments (effected by malevolence, curses, or medium levels of corruption) thanks to their larger sizes and longer lifespans.