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Seek ... Keiegn ... haste ... for ... haste ... must ... seek ...

–Fargo, its request to Laeka'Draeon

Fargo is a Spirit Message: an entity created from raw manna and infused with a message for the purpose of seeking out its intended recipient and delivering its message.

For reasons unknown, Fargo has not followed the instinctive drive to seek out its target; instead, it has fixed its focus on Laeka'Draeon, urging him to help it search for "Keiegn"—as though it is unable to fulfil its natural purpose without the young dragon's assistance.

It henceforth inserts itself into Laeka'Draeon's life and joins him in his quest to find the other dragons. But its origin and ultimate purposes linger as an ever-present shadow.

Warning: SPOILERS contained in the information below.


Physical Appearance

A narrow reptilian face sat upon a curving neck, featureless except for two gleaming eyes that shone like sunlit amethysts. Long forearms tipped with barbed claws hung from its shoulders, while a set of spectral wings curved overtop. From its neck, a smooth belly tapered into a long, thin tail. There were no hind legs.

–Kin Seeker, Chapter 1

Fargo, by all appearances, looks like a tiny wraith-like dragon, minus the hind legs. It has horn-shaped appendages extended from the back of its head, and a long, narrow snout. There are no nostrils, teeth, or ears, but its eyes are very distinct; bright and luminous, and the shade of purple seen in amethyst gemstones. Its forelimbs are long for its size, and its claws are described as "barbed", possibly likened to thorns found on certain bushes, like roses or briars.


Most Spirit Message's do not exist long enough to exhibit distinct personality traits; aside from perhaps a little unintentional injection of some traits from their creator. Fargo, however, being a unique creation (with multiple in-built objectives) spends the majority of the series following Laeka'Draeon--absorbing information and knowledge all the time. Even early on, it begins to exhibit noticeable individuality, being intentional in its observations and responses. It has a melancholy way about it, whispering and sighing in airy, sad-sounding tones. It often mimics the responses of others; growing agitated when they're stressed or behaving animatedly when they're excited. It also has a clear dislike for the presence of other Spirit Messages, turning hostile and outright attacking them (until called off by Laeka'Draeon).

The way it behaves with Norf as the story progresses implies the creature begins to form a bit of a tormenting sense of humour (swooping in his direction, and harassing him to provoke a response).


One of Fargo's primary objectives is to find "Keiegn"; a task it was designed to undertake alongside Laeka'Draeon. In The Beacon Thrones, Laeka'Draeon and his friends learn from Shifra that Keiegn is not an individual but a title--bestowed on warriors and defenders of the peace of exceptional courage and deed. But a Keiegn has not been dubbed for generations, and Shifra doubts such a person exists. Still, the task to find Keiegn remains it's primary objective, along with accompanying and watching over Laeka'Draeon. In The Sword of Stars both Laeka'Draeon and Shifra suspect Fargo of containing multiple messages, for different individuals--since it often disappears, and has in the past gone out of its way to summon the aid of individuals (such as Belzor, Madam Lume and Lady Megandel) without being ordered to.

Fargo's true and full capacity is unveiled in The Last Calling, when it finally revealed that Fargo is no ordinary Spirit Message, but a far'guiel--a vessel that enables a direct connection between sender and recipient. Through this connection, Laeka'Draeon learns that it is Celetheal (his mother) who created Fargo, and for the entire quest, has been using it to actively assistant him, as well as watch over him.

Through Fargo, Celetheal is able to pass on the vital information of the last Beacon Throne, and what must be done in order to reverse the corruption spilling from Beruun Terrolaghn. For Laeka'Draeon to fulfil the last calling of the dragons, which is to sing the song of union and healing (Sol's Lullaby) back into the manna veins of the world before the Manna Eruption can be re-ignited.


Kin Seeker

Fargo abruptly appears before Laeka'Draeon shortly after he awakens (to discover he has lost his memories), with the unusual request to 'Seek Keiegn'. It is the first creature Laeka'Draeon is able to have a conversation with (after his attempts with the local animals fails due to them being fearful of him). Although unable to deduct much information or reason from Fargo, Laeka'Draeon ultimately allows the phantom to join him in his travels. While the pair are travelling through the Grey Hill Valleys, Fargo is the first to react to the appraoch of the morwulf wagons, and behaves in an odd, agitated way (this can later be understood to be because it could sense the presence of the Aunuen).

While erratic in it behaviour, Fargo proves a valuable asset when Laeka'Draeon enters Darks Whelm to rescue Ubi; Fargo being immune to the forest's illusions, is able to guide Laeka'Draeon to where the Don-Chease have cornered the Goldling filly.

Fargo again proves resourceful when it guides Laeka'Draeon and Ubi through the perilous Ash-Bane mists to the safety of the lake islands; this is the first real indication of it showing an uncanny intelligence. And later, when Laeka'Draeon and his companions are attacked by Sotaik, Fargo rushes off to find help, and is ultimately the reason Belzor and his sentinels arrive in time to save the companions.

The Beacon Thrones

For reasons unexplained, Fargo behaves in a very aggressive and territorial manner when Major Ghelfawn's Spirit Message approaches Laeka'Draeon, Belzor and company beneath the Waiting Tree.

While the group are awaiting further instructions from the Misht'turelin, it shows erratic behaviour as though aware of something undetectable by the others (again this is eluded to the fact it could once again detect the presence of the Aunuen). It begins to lead Laeka'Draeon in the direction of the mysterious energy source, but discontinues (changing direction) once Laeka'Draeon's own instincts establish a firm connection with the source. Fargo re-appears again to warn Maewren and the group that they are being hunted by hobgoblins, During the pursuit Fargo uses its own body like a missile of energy and is able to take one of the brutes out of the chase. It's disappearing act is later revealed to be yet more effort on its part to protect Laeka'Draeon and his friends (it rushes to find Belzor and diverts him to assist with the hobgoblin attack).

It is during the group's travel through Mistwood (after Shifra joins) that she makes the observation that Fargo could in fact be a Memory Phantom (a Spirit Message whose sender and recipient have both died, leaving it without its purpose fulfilled). Laeka'Draeon hopes that is not the case, but is left unsure.

It is thanks to Fargo's immunity to illusions that the group are able to use it to track Ubi's whereabouts, after she is lured away by Az-Thorz while the others slept.

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There is no question; from their first encounter, Fargo is drawn to Laeka'Draeon. Beyond any in-built constructs that have it programmed to follow the young dragon, Fargo exhibits a highly unusual protective instinct over him. Even after Laeka'Draeon learns Fargo is a Spirit Message (and not an natural, sentient being), a unique bond continues to form between them. Fargo is undyingly loyal to Laeka'Draeon, and prioritizes much of its existence to follow and assist him. This, of course, is given deeper emotional meaning once it is revealed that Fargo is no ordinary Spirit Message, but a far'guiel--a highly advanced conduit through which Celetheal (Laeka'Draeon's mother) is able to peer through and manipulate in order to guide and watch over her son. In essence, Fargo's exceptional devotion is a direct reflection of Celetheal's.

Opal Eyes

Opal Eyes with Fargo.

Laeka'Draeon initially suspects a connection between Fargo and Opal Eyes, as they are the first two beings to contact him, and both doing so bearing unusual requests, and within a short time-frame. The connection is never confirmed (until later in The Last Calling) but throughout the series its hinted at that Opal Eyes is one of Fargo's possible 'message recipients' and that during its bouts of disappearing acts, it flies off to make contact with him (as well as other recipients). This, of course, actually turns out to be the case, as well as Opal Eyes revealing that he's been 'borrowing' Fargo's sight in order to watch Laeka'Draeon's progress. Not only that, but it turns out that Opal Eyes helped to create Fargo, and as such is linked with its manna.


Out of all of Laeka'Draeon's companions, Fargo is most interested in Norf and ends up forming a strange sort of nosey attachment to the satyr (as attached as a Spirit Message can be with sentient creatures, at least). Keeping in mind the potential growth of intelligence and emotional adaption a Spirit Message is capable of--the longer it stays manifested in a physical form--Fargo's increasing intellect and personality quirks make sense. It begins to form its own individuality, completely separate from Celetheal's influence, and those individual traits include an element of playfulness and an amusingly prickly temper (much like Norf).


Fargo is an entity forged from a bending of threads of raw manna and Celetheal's own life-force and will. They are intrinsically connected and share aspects of personality and purpose. Even after Fargo deconstructs and vanishes--after it has given its final message--a piece of it will forever be connected to Celetheal, and the same anna used in its original construction will re-gather if she is in need of constructing another Spirit Message in the future.

Spirit Messages

Spirit Messages are compositions of raw manna, pulled from the natural streams of the world and implanted with the thoughts, words and/ images of an individual, intended for a chosen recipient. The technique of creating a Message is relatively complex and requires advanced knowledge on certain Spoken magics, as well as mental imagery control. The ability to cast magic is essential in the crafting of a Spirit Message, but not to receive one.

Spirit Messages can take any semi-physical form (whatsoever the Crafter imagines of them) and can materialize and dematerialize whilst retaining the integrity of their inserted message.

The fabricating of their construct is as such that a Spirit Message is cable of absorbing copious amounts of information from its surroundings, and, over time, able to self-construct a level of singular intelligence (a sort of imitation of sentience). But such cases are almost unheard of, as Messages are designed to carry and transfer messages as quickly and efficiently as possible (often giving them no time to absorb enough outside information to begin the natural self-evolving process).

Additionally, the same manna used to craft a Message will forever hold an imprint of that construct, and will find its way back to its summoner, to be used again (and again) for all future Spirit Messages.

Memory Phantoms

Memory Phantoms occur when a Spirit Message is unable to impart its message to its recipient or return to its creator (usually a result, when both are killed before the Message makes it to either party). As a result, the Message wanders in perpetual purposelessness, unable to fulfil its calling, and so unable to return to the stream of life manna from which it was crafted.

Memory Phantoms, while rare, are considered incredibly valuable in their potential to absorb and store vast (possibly infinite) stores of knowledge. Though so far, there has been no known case of anyone effectively procuring useful information from a Phantom, as their evolved constructs often create a wary and unreceptive "personality".

Due to Fargo's eccentricities (beyond normal for a Spirit Message) a discussion arises between Laeka'Draeon and his companions as to whether Fargo is actually a Memory Phantom (Chapter 25, A Forgotten Regret, The Beacon Thrones). This turns out not to be the case, when Fargo's true origins are revealed in Chapter 49, Keiegn, The Last Calling.


Valadilian Trivia: The name 'Fargo' is a mispronunciation made by the creature itself (it is a far'guiel, which sounds very similar), when it first appears before Laeka'Draeon, and attempts speaking for the first time. When the young dragon mistakenly asks for confirmation that 'Fargo' is it's name, it does not differentiate between 'name of individuality' and 'name of its construction' and so agrees. The word, far'guiel , means to 'join from afar', or 'far-reaching connection'.

Real World Trivia: The glyph used as the official "logo" of the Dragon Calling series is actually that of Fargo.

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