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Potential is a seed. It is the ability to be much more than what exists at any one moment. Potential is not what is, but what could be. What you see when you look at yourself is not all you are ...

–- Megandel's words of wisdom to Laeka'Draeon, during his struggle with feeling overwhelmed and inadequate

A wise and compassionate individual, Megandel is of the honmirogein faerie-kind, graceful and fair, and the current ruler of the Realm of the Nymphs.

Her rare seer abilities enable her to foresee events tied to individuals (when she makes direct contact with them), as well as interpret dreams and prophetic visions. It is this particular talent that Belzor relays to Laeka'Draeon, when they are faced with the predicament of having prophetic visions trapped, and fractured, inside Laeka'Draeon's mind; and subsequently, the reason why the centaur prophet advises the young dragon seek out the faerie queen as the next step in his quest.


The honmirogein faere-kind are considered very beautiful, elegant creatures, whose close Denin connection to the manna flows of their surroundings enhance their features and appearance with smooth and faintly shimmery flawlessness.

Megandel is a model example of faerie comeliness.

She has a willowy physique, and a softly contoured, rosy-cheeked face framed by loosely-curled tumbles of golden hair and long, pointed ears. Her horns have small branches (like deer antlers) are ivory in colour, and angle backward.

Her eyes are a silvery hue flecked with tiny pale specks, giving the impression of reflecting a starry sky.

Her gaze is irrefutably mesmerising; her seer energy able to ensnare and hold those who gaze back, giving her the opportunity to assess the individual's thoughts and emotions using a kind of unobtrusive but in-depth telepathy.

He returned the gaze, unblinking, captured by those silvery orbs of starlight and immersed in a strange feeling of a falling weightlessness into his own mind.

–- The Beacon Thrones, Chapter Twenty

Being a faerie, Megandel is cloven-hoofed and has two pairs of wings—iridescent and semi-transparent like dragonfly wings. Illustrations of honmirogein faeries confirm the addition of a silky-bristled tail; Megandel's tail hairs are the same colour as her head hair.


Governed by a heart of gentleness and a powerful prophetic gifting, Lady Megandel is one of the most beloved and revered monarchs of the present Age.

Imbued with the whispered knowledge of the Elder Trees, the faerie queen’s wisdom and heightened intuition are unmatched by any living sovereignty or sage. Her powers as a honmirogein are unusually amplified and include rare telepathic and aura-reading abilities honed under the guidance of her soujor Soul Guard, Ourntar.

Lady Megandel treats her legendary fame with serene humility and uses her influence to promote peace across the kingdoms of Valadae, though her priority remains with her kin, and the endangered realm they inhabit.

A peace-keeper, more than a peace-maker, Megandel's insight and knowledge is utilised in more passive ways; she does not actively spread or implement her influence (which some consider irresponsible, considering the vast well of knowledge she holds) and will not interfere in the actions and affairs of those outside her domain unless specifically requested. However, she will readily use her abilities and seed her kindness to any who seek her out; a truly compassionate individual at heart.


As the queen of the faeries, Megandel's primary duty is the overseeing and protection of her realm--namely the Raegelian Forest, the Realm of the Nymphs and the Olmu Glade. Additionally, she is a powerful seer, able to unravel mysteries pertaining to premonitions, prophecies, and predictions based on the shift in climates (of both natural and supernatural origins). Her deeply intuitive abilities and skill at interpreting the thoughts and intentions of individuals has earned her universal renown (and even infamy from those who deem her an enemy). She is considered one of the most powerful and influential beings in Valadae.

From this, Laeka'Draeon is prompted (by Belzor Ven'Ho) to seek her counsel in regards to piecing together the fractured prophecy locked away in his mind. He does so and learns of the plight of the Beacon Thrones, which shifts his goals in an unexpected direction and ramps up the urgency of his quest.


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Belzor Ven'Ho

While Megandel is fortunate to share a close allegiance to many of Valadae kingdom rulers and government heads, she shares a closer and more personal relationship with Belzor. Their mutual respect and admiration for one another is apparent, and their relational dynamic is implied to be akin to a mentor/ mentee. It makes sense, as Megandel is an exceptionally skilled seer and prophetess, and would likely have aided in instructing Belzor in the ways of prophetic readings when he was younger.


Ourntar is Megandel's Soul Guard, her protector, confidant and counsellor. As wise and intuitive as Lady Megandel is, Ourntar is more so, being many centuries older than her, and having served in the faerie royal courts for generations. She is rarely seen without him by her side, as he is sworn to watch over her always; the few times he (temporarily) leaves her company is at her direct command. Soul Guards and their wards share a unique and special bond, much more than the outward dynamics of guardian and master entails. For Megandel, Ourntar would almost be like an extension of herself--him being so intimately aware of (and counsel to) all her hopes, dreams, ambitions and fears, as well as an advocate and enforcer of her will.

Eran Va'eleon

Although Lord Va'eleon resides hundreds of miles away, in the realm of Coron-Mias, he is a regent to a realm very similar to Megandel's. Their creature-kinds share a lot of cultural similarities, as well as a long history of strong allegiances and shared loss. It is very likely they have communed often over the years, in order to maintain goodwill between their citizens and realms. Their mutual cordiality can be seen in how well Va'eleon accommodates her visit to his domain in The Sword of Stars, and she, in turn, assigns Ourntar to assist as a war tactician under Lord Va'eleon, in the Second Gathering.


Seer Abilities

Gifted with extraordinary intuition, Megandel is able to perceive beyond her natural sight, and observe her realm from afar. Additionally, she is able to accurately predict how events and changes will play out, by heeding the subtle (and numerous) shifts that occur from the thoughts and choices made by those around her, and also by how the (manna) threads of different creatures' lifeforces are intertwined. Additionally, if she is able to physically touch someone, she can create an intimate telepathic connection, which then enables her to unveil all the individual's thoughts and feelings and heart motives.

Prophetic Interpretation

Megandel is able to bring to light the meaning of dreams and prophecies, as well as restore muddled or damaged processes within the minds of others (which can include projected imagery and memory).


Being of the faerie creature-kind, Megandel is capable of flight through the use of her long, insect-like wings. It is unknown if magic is used to boost this ability, although looking at the physiology of the different faerie kinds it is unlikely such an enhancement is necessary.


Faeries typically pair with several different mates over the course of their lifespan. Megandel, however, spent many seasons in the company of the evaish (before her ascent to the faeren throne), and took from them the tradition of bonding with a sole mate.

Her mate, Balthinos, was the commander of the Honmirogein Legion, and fought alongside the allies of Valadae during The Gathering. He was struck by the last of the hobgoblin sorcerers and died on the battlefield.