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Yes I will. I will do everything I can to save her.

–Laeka'Draeon, on his promise to rescue Ubi from the Don-Chease

Laeka'Draeon is a young, courageous dragon, and the main protagonist of the Dragon Calling series. After waking from a traumatic nightmare (known in Valadae as a darkdream), Laeka'Draeon finds himself alone and stripped of memories—including his name, past, and creature-kind.

Shortly after his awakening, he is confronted by a mysterious hemlan boy (whom he suspects is more than he appears), from whom he regains knowledge of what he is (a dragon), and the troubling news that the others of his kind have disappeared.

Implored to find the other dragons before their prolonged absence creates irrevocable consequences (the details of which the boy deliberately eludes), Laeka'Draeon begins his journey to search for answers.

Warning: SPOILERS contained in the information below.


Laeka'Draeon has all the typical features of a Valadilian dragon. Five-toed front paws, four-toed back paws; a pair of four-fingered wings tipped with opposable thumb claws; pointed ears and prominent curved horns.

His scales are emerald green in colour, excluding the scales running from the base of his jaw to the top of his breastbone, and a small plated section covering his stomach, which are both a burnished yellow tone.

His eyes are a vivid amber hue, expressive and alluring, although for others, considerably difficult to look at, depending on his mood (a hereditary trait in all dragons).

They were eyes that eluded definition, certainty or interpretation.

–Kin Seeker, Chapter 23

Laeka'Draeon is described as having sinewy wings and a 'strong tail', which are consistent traits in explaining his especially deft running and leaping exploits (for much of his journey in the first two books, he is unable to fly). His claws are protrusible—meaning they are capable of being protruded or extended, although they cannot be fully retracted (like cat claws), which leaves the tips worn, though still capable of causing damage.

Hemlan Appearance

During his company's trekking through the Forest of Howling (in Book Three) and series of unexpected events, Laeka'Draeon is temporarily separated from his companions. He is met by a pixie-cat mage, named Kushal, who informs him that Norf (along with two of Kushal's companions) have been captured by hemlan Trappers. Unwittingly making an irrevocable exchange with Kushal, Laeka'Draeon is subsequently forced into a physical transformation ( takes on a hemlan form) in order for him to have a greater chance at success in rescuing Norf and the pixie-cats.

When in hemlan form, Laeka'Draeon takes the alias, Atanu Duern.

Physically, he appears around the age of a 13-year old boy. Descriptions and illustrations show him as being fair-skinned, with golden, shoulder-length hair and a slender form. He retains his intense, vivid amber coloured eyes. The scar on his cheek (made by Shifra's dagger) also remains. He is given hemlan clothing to wear by the Howling hermit, Madam Lume: a long-sleeved shirt of bisque white and brown breeches tied fittingly around the waist. Later, he is also given a knitted cap and scarf, to help conceal his noticeably fine and flawless features.

In hemlan form, he is considered (by the physical standards of that creature-kind) visually pleasing to look at. His companions debate whether this is due to a residual effect of his Denin (magical) blood, or if he (as a hemlan) is naturally attractive. Either way, the various (companion) responses are amusing. Shifra, in particular, appears very thrown by the change.

In The Sword of Stars (Book 4), when Laeka'Draeon is once again forced to take on the hemlan form, a part of his internal manna manifests in material form, as clothing. The clothes are described as being almost identical in design to those of Yarad's, but dark green in colour (instead of dark grey/ black).


Affable and inquisitive, Laeka'Draeon's presence exudes an unusual appeal when encountering other creature-kinds. His memory loss lends an overall naivety to his expressions, but his thirst for forgotten knowledge and understanding others is a powerful driving force.

Naturally courageous, Laeka'Draeon holds no reservations when it comes to fending off attacks or protecting those he cares for. Although when danger threatens, he often acts too brashly, with no thought or concern for his well-being (despite his importance in the recovery of his missing kin).

For a dragon, Laeka'Draeon is considered unusually trusting and considerate. On numerous occasions, those he encounters make mention of these attributes, which leaves Laeka'Draeon stumped on how to appropriately respond.

You are indeed a most peculiar one, Laeka'Draeon!

–Bezylin the centaur Healer

Unusually willing and intrigued you are, Laeka'Draeon. It is a rare trait to be found in your kind, but it should be received with pride.

–Lady Megandel, Queen of the Faeries

For much of the series, it is unknown whether his strange memory loss is the cause of this unexpected behaviour, but by the end of the Dragon Arc in Book 5, the mystery is solved--revealing his temperament to be a result of being severed from the dragons' universal manna bond (and not his memory loss); that, and him inheriting a lot of his mother's traits (curiosity and empathy for other creatures).


Laeka'Draeon is the first dragon to be seen since their mysterious disappearance several fulons (aka months) prior. As such, he is urged by Opal Eyes to begin a search for them. What starts off as a quest for identity and reunion with his kind, balloons into something far more serious, with the fate of Valadae coming under threat (of destruction), which only the unique abilities of a dragon can help avert. With all other dragons unaccounted for, the task is left to Laeka'Draeon to awaken the guardians of the Beacon Thrones (hidden towers that act as manna conduits that help to stabalise the flow of Valadae's elemental energies), and find the rest of his kind so that the towers of Klonnoth Aire (created by the dragons as Valadae's primary magical dense against the corruption from the Black Mountains) can be restored.


Kin Seeker

Laeka'Draeon awakens with no memory of his past or self (but retains knowledge of the natural world and a lot of the foundational insights such as language, self-awareness, settings, fauna and flora). One of his primary motives for beginning his quest, is to restore what was lost to him: his familial connections and history.

He learns from Belzor that the dragons are well-respected by the centaurs. He also learns that the dragon king, Velhonoandrius the Second, disappeared long before the other dragons, and that his eldest son, Sephorelian acted as steward of the Setting Lands in his place (although stated that the dragon king was well and alive).

The Beacon Thrones

The introduction of Shifra's character and the subsequent abrasive dynamics Laeka'Draeon experiences with her hints at a history between the dragons and morwulves that is less than friendly. Despite his efforts at establishing a friendship, Shifra responds with coldness and suspicion, which leads him to believe that their kinds are enemies. Why or how, he is yet to discover.

Dual Destiny

As his quest progresses and gets more involved, Laeka'Draeon learns that his kind are dual-shifters (meaning they are able to take on two distinct forms), although the ability is an advanced art, and only learned by dragons that have lived one-hundred full-cycles. Laeka'Draeon himself obtains this ability, thanks to Kushal and his powerful manipulation magics--able to take on a hemlan form, which he learns is similar to the dual-form the dragons chose as a part of their ambassadorial interactions with other creature-kinds.

Laeka'Draeon also learns (from Shifra) an unfortunate part of dragon history. That war broke out between the morwulves and dragons, when (after negotiations failed) the dragons took by force a part of the northern territories of the morwulves' kingdom in order to construct the final two towers of Klonnoth Aire. The dragons ultimately won the war and finished the towers (which lead to The Gathering and subsequent seasons of peace). But the loss of pride and lives left the morwulves deeply embittered. Despite future efforts (by the dragons) to restore an alliance, the morwulves severed all benevolent ties, and counted the dragons as antagonists, untrustworthy and unwelcome.

The Sword of Stars (spoiler alert)

Laeka'Draeon learns more about Rogue dragons; that they are feared and abhorred due to the mindless, destructive savagery. The cause of their madness is the severing of their manna bond with the rest of their kind--which is an outcome intentionally inflicted on a dragon (by dragon law) who has betrayed their kind in some unforgivable way.

He finds out the reason for his own unstable savagery is not the (full) Rogue condition, but that his blood is cursed. Dontriavein (the guardian of the Beacon Throne of Law and Magic) is able to (temporarily) restrict the effects of the curse, but explains that Laeka'Draeon must find the other dragons to uncover the reason behind the curse. Blood curses are passed down through bloodlines.

The Last Calling (major spoiler alert)

During the Dragon Arc, all truths of his immediate history come to light. Laeka'Draeon learns, through Opal Eyes' revelations via the Eye of Empyrean, that his loss of memory is not due to his cursed blood, or some sinister spell, but that he, in fact, has no memories of his own; that everything he remembers is from the imprint of his father, Aurnraulath (who used his life essence to save his son from Sod'minokul and a fatal plummet from the sky).

He learns that Aurnraulath was a dragon prince, a son of Velonoandrius the Second, and a traitor to his kind, after he willingly gave some of his blood to Sadukravon in order to save Celetheal's (Laeka'Draeon's mother) life and grant her immunity from all consequences of the exchange. Subsequently, Sadukravon created a blood curse (a Sod'minokul) that not only doomed the royal lineage, but all dragons still tied to Aurnraulath by the shared manna bond.

Celetheal, spared from the curse, escaped with Laeka'Draeon (still in his egg) thanks to Aurnraulath sacrificing his life force to break them free of the corrupted barrier placed over the Sacred Lands. The escape sapped Celetheal of her strength and she lost her grip on Laeka'Draeon's egg, which plummeted to the Grey Hill Valleys, and would have shattered if not for Aurnraulath's residual energy shielding him. What remained of Aurnraulath was then absorbed into Laeka'Draeon, accelerating his physical growth, and imprinting into him knowledge and fragmented memories. Part of his blood being cursed, and part of it being immune, the Sod'minokul did not completely destroy Laeka'Draeon's body, but still managed to do damage (severing some of his inherent abilities like flight and fire) and leave him vulnerable to slipping into the Rogue state.

In addition to learning of his brief and traumatic legacy, Laeka'Draeon discovers that his grandsire (Velhonoandrius) survived by rending his spirit from his cursed body and taking possession of a willing host (a young hemlan boy named Fynwen). The result being the symbiotic creation that is Opal Eyes.

Furthermore, he learns his mother is still alive, but contained within the manna flow of Klonnoth Aire, in an effort to keep its power flow (its 'song') from completely destabilizing. When Laeka'Draeon is anointed as Keiegn, Fargo's full state is triggered, and reveals the creator to be none other than Celetheal herself. Having crafted Fargo as a special conduit (not merely a Message) she was able to actively watch over Laeka'Draeon throughout his journey, and use Fargo to protect him when she considered it necessary to intervene. As Keiegn, she bequeaths Laeka'Draeon with the Song of Klonnoth Aire, as well as the location of the final Beacon Throne.

After the Second Gathering, and the release and passing of all the dragon spirits (including Velonoandrius) Laeka'Draeon is left wondering over his mother's fate, and states that one of his future ambitions is to find out what happened to her.



Laeka'Draeon first meets Ubi in the Omet Woods, after detecting her aura despite her efforts to conceal herself. She agrees to accompany him through her woodland home, acting as a guide. The pair interact amiably and quickly forge a friendship. It is clear Ubi is eager for the company, and Laeka'Draeon is quite taken with her friendliness and beauty. After their harrowing experience in Darks Whelm, Ubi affirms her desire to help Laeka'Draeon in his quest to find the other dragons. She is Laeka'Draeon's first proper quest companion, and for much of the series they share the closest bond (of the main companion dynamics). For Ubi, Laeka'Draeon is her first real and close friend, and for Laeka'Draeon, Ubi is an invaluable emotional support with a shared belief in compassion and doing what's right.


Fargo is the first creature to approach Laeka'Draeon unafraid, although the young dragon's curiosity is threaded with frustration and some hesitancy as Fargo's behaviour and interactions are bizarre and quite cryptic. It's request to have his assistance in "seeking Keiegn" helps to rouse some motivation, and gives Laeka'Draeon his first goal (albeit a vague one). Fargo is the first companion to join Laeka'Draeon, although follow would be a better term to use; from Laeka'Draeon's initial point of view, the creature appears under some unspoken oath or binding to follow him until the "Keiegn" is found. Laeka'Draeon becomes emotionally attached to the unusual phantom-like creature, despite having to deal with moments of confusion and frustration over its unpredictability. Even after he learns Fargo is a Spirit Message (and not technically a living, sentient being) he forms a unique bond with it--which it reciprocates through loyalty and bouts of surprising intelligence and protectiveness.

Opal Eyes

Laeka'Draeon is startled by the sudden appearance of a young, emaciated hemlan boy. His curiosity is quickly flooded with bafflement as the boy (who does not reveal his name) reveals vital information regarding Laeka'Draeon's plight, but does so in such a vague and cryptic way as to have the young dragon question his ultimate motives. Their initial encounter also restores some of Laeka'Draeon memories, and from this he chooses to trust the words and warnings left to him by Opal Eyes. As Laeka'Draeon's journey unfolds, Opal Eyes continues to make enigmatic appearances (in his dreams) offering ominous warnings and hints of a greater calamity encroaching upon the allied realms. From such promptings, Laeka'Draeon gains direction and ultimately uncovers the full plight of Valadae. His relationship with Opal Eyes is largely ambivalent, as he trusts the boy to certain degree but is aware there are greater things being unsaid and deliberately evaded. From this a mild suspicion and discontent forms. Opal Eyes, on the other hand, seems determined to assist Laeka'Draeon as much as he is able, even though it appears to cost him (mentally and physically). Their interaction takes on a new dynamic after Opal Eyes and Laeka'Draeon tether themselves to the Eye of Empyrean, and Opal Eyes reveals the history and fate of the Valadilian dragons (including his own connection and fate). Afterwards, Laeka'Draeon holds a newfound admiration (as well as a shared grief and disdain) for Opal Eyes.


After Laeka'Draeon's narrow escape from the Ash-Banes, he is introduced to his rescuers--Norf being one of them. At first, Laeka'Draeon is a little unsure of how to interact with Norf, due to his forward and snarky disposition. The young dragon's friendliness and unbridled courage obviously leave an impression on Norf, who--despite his distaste for disruption and travel--ends up joining in his quest (his choice solidifies after Belzor Ven'Ho requests the satyr continue to watch out for the young dragon). Over the course of the series, the pair forge a casual but strong friendship, founded more on mutual trust and comradery than any deep emotional ties. Norf respects Laeka'Draeon due to his creature-kind, but also has confidence in him due to his kind and fearless nature. Likewise, Laeka'Draeon firmly trusts in the satyr's resolve and loyalty.


Laeka'Draeon's initial encounter with Shifra is a hostile one. Despite rescuing her from a hobgoblin assault, she reacts with anger and repulsion and strikes out at him with her dagger to gain an opening to escape. He is shocked and wounded (both physically and emotionally) by her reaction to him, and is left to puzzle over the reasons for her hostility. He crosses paths with her again while awaiting an audience with Lady Megandel where her behaviour continues to be cold and unfriendly. It is only at Megandel's behest that Shifra joins Laeka'Draeon's quest (stating that their destinies and goals are tied). Even then, Shifra remains frosty and objective-minded--stating she has no intention of befriending him or any of the other companions. It is only through overcoming numerous shared trials and perils--and Laeka'Draeon's continuous efforts to get to know her and attempt some form of connection--that Shifra slowly turns from aloof ally to stalwart companion. From the get-go Laeka'Draeon and Shifra's relationship is a complicated one, riddled with emotional tension and bound to the deep ties of cultural and historical animosity between their creature-kinds. Over the course of the series, a deeper friendship is forged, eventually to the point where Shifra develops an unshakable faith and devotion to Laeka'Draeon, and Laeka'Draeon sees her as the most important individual in his life.


Laeka'Draeon is instantly sympathetic to Ghinzel's situation and is quick to befriend the little fellis and trust his intentions and earnestness to be helpful and do the right thing (regardless of his inexperience and age). Craving adventure and to be seen as useful, Ghinzel works every angle to join Laeka'Draeon's quest, and once successful, does his best to be a proactive part of the team. Due to Ghinzel's age, Laeka'Draeon takes on a sort of older-sibling protective role. He happily indulges in the fellis' antics and exuberant energy, and makes the effort to encourage and inspire him (knowing Ghinzel desperately wants to be brave and strong). Ghinzel is often awed by Laeka'Draeon's courage and abilities and undoubtedly sees him as a heroic figure.


For Laeka'Draeon, actions speak louder than words, and Yarad swooping in and rescuing Ghinzel from being caught and incarcerated by Shoumeign's city guard has the young dragon anchoring his trust in the mysterious hemlan (perhaps a little to naively). Despite Shifra's misgivings, and the clear designs that Yarad holds ulterior motives, Laeka'Draeon enlists the mage's help in rescuing Norf and the pixie-cats. Yarad proves the value of his word by helping the companions sneak into the slavers lair, but also his divergence in methods by callously revealing their rescue efforts to the enemy to help further his (revenge) agenda. Despite the betrayal, Yarad ends up saving Laeka'Draeon's life, and from this action (as well as Yarad's honesty) a wary thread of trust and reformed between them and Laeka'Draeon allows Yarad to join in the quest. Laeka'Draeon and Yarad's relationship is born from a strange, instinctual conviction and necessity. But over the course of the series, the connection develops into a mutual respect for each other rooted in a shared drive to re-forge self-identity and purpose, as well as the fervid desire to restore balance to the world.


As with most others, Laeka'Draeon is captivated by Belzor's blithe and gentle disposition and immediately considers him a dependable ally. After the initial shock of learning Belzor's high standing in centaur society and acclaimed status, Laeka'Draeon is unsure how to interact and attempts a more humble bearing. Belzor, clearly desiring a more open and equal comradery, lightly dismisses further attempts at subservience. His insistence for a more casual interaction enables their relationship to grow into something akin to a mentor and mentee. Their shared joining with the Imurainiir has likely connected them on a more soulful level as well. Laeka'Draeon has the highest regard for Belzor, and trusts him implicitly. Belzor finds a kindred spirit in Laeka'Draeon in regards to having a higher calling that is both daunting and future-changing.

Cab and Taijorn

Madam Lume


A dragon's most famous inherent abilities are his/ her Flame and Flight (namely, the ability to fly, and breath powerful jets of fire). Mysteriously, at the start of Laeka'Draeon's tale, he is unable to use either and is almost immediately aware of the defect, though does not remember how or why he suffers from the strange handicap.

Instead, he relies on his physical brawn for the story arcs in Kin Seeker (Book One), and most of The Beacon Thrones (Book Two).


Though his age is (initially) unknown, his physiology makes it clear he is only a young dragon. Even so, his strength is apparent, as is his running ability, thanks in no small part to his long, muscular legs, and sinewy tail. His is able to run apace with Ubi (a unicorn) for a prolonged period (during their flight through Darks Whelm) and manages to wrestle from the vice-like grip of Ash-Banes when pursued during the Half-moon Hunt.

His biting power is also nothing to scoff at. Having a broad snout and lower jaw, and a full set of sharp fangs (including large canine teeth) Laeka'Draeon has a fearsome bite capable of puncturing flesh and muscle straight to the bone in a single jaw-snap. Only a few bites are needed for him to be able to crush bone.

Enhanced Vision

Being a predatory creature, as well as one of flight, Laeka'Draeon has exceptional vision. His eyes are able to see in near-complete darkness. He can also detect the aura given off by living creatures, even when they are not in direct line of sight. Aura-detection is more of a sixth sense than sight-based, but for dragons, the ability is amplified through the eyes.

Scale Shield

Dragon scales are nigh indestructible—able to protect against extreme temperatures, water, and fire. Not only are they so strong that only other dragon teeth and claws can damage them, but their composition is also light of weight (they are no hindrance to speed or stamina when it comes to flying). To Laeka'Draeon's extreme benefit, his scales act as a near-impenetrable shield. But that does not make him immune to damage. Though his scales cannot be penetrated, the rest of his body is susceptible to physical forces (as seen when he receives multiple bone fractures from Soitaik's constricting coils). Internal damage is still a very real danger, all the more so when he is in flight. The risk of death-by-fall was a near miss twice for Laeka'Draeon; once when a Sand Manta collided with him mid-air, snapping the bones in his left wing; the second time when the sonic blast from a shock cannon struck his face whilst in flight, causing him to temporarily lose consciousness.


For the first stretch of his journey, Laeka'Draeon is unable to fly. Nevertheless, he utilises his wings in other ways, including augmenting his leaps by flapping and flinging off attacks by thrusting or flicking.

When he (finally) regains his power of Flight (through the Beacon Throne guardian, Selisidus), he also receives the enhanced ability to 'see' the air currents (in a kind of transparent colour range), and also bend the air around him to his will (to a mild degree). Both enhancements from the Beacon Throne guardian are abilities impossible for a young dragon to master, and are, therefore, all the more valuable to Laeka'Draeon in his quest.

Laeka'Draeon is quite dextrous in flight, and—thanks to his ability to manipulate the air—can perform rapid directional changes, as well as somersaults and hovers. His gift of seeing and bending air currents is not infallible, however; the ability is a limited one (when not forcibly powered-up) leaving him, for the most part, as much at the whim of strong winds, air densities, and extreme temperatures as other winged creatures.


The restoration of Laeka'Draeon's Flame is a significant boost in his power (and level of dangerousness). He has this ability restored by Eminroth, the second Beacon Throne guardian, at the end of Dual Destiny (Book Three). Along with his Flame, Laeka'Draeon is also imbued with the explosive energy of Eminroth, which, when activated, controls earth and fire (though 'control' can only be loosely used, as Laeka'Draeon has very little skill in effectively manipulating such powerful energies).

Dragon Flame is a Denin manifestation—meaning it does not occur as a natural byproduct of some internal biological or chemical triggering. Breath inside the lungs activates a manna channel through the body, which is then fired by force of breath and mind control through the mouth (and nose) in the form of a jet of fire.

Laeka'Draeon's fire is an intense green hue, fringed in black; a strange and rather frightening combination. There is only one instance where his Flame is a different colour (fringed in white, instead of black), and that's when fire erupts in the air around him, as his last primal defensive measure against the harpy attack during the Shoumeign Arc.