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I am certain something helpful will come from this. Once the Misht'thurelin sets his heart on a matter, he does everything in his power to see it through.

–-Maewren, on assuring to Ubi that Belzor will find a way to help Laeka'Draeon

Maewren is a beautiful, high-born centauride, and supporting character in the Dragon Calling series, featured strongly in The Beacon Thrones (Book Two) and The Sword of Stars (Book Four), as well as The Last Calling (Book Five).

She is noted most significantly for her selfless nature, exceptional skill with the bow, and loyalty to Belzor Ven'Ho.

Having dedicated her life to the discipline of discipleship under the Misht'thurelin, Maewren is as devoted to the young prophet and his ideals as his Soul Guards.

As a high-born, Maewren ran in many similar circles to Belzor, and as such, the pair grew up together; at first as acquaintances, then, as their callings intertwined, as friends, with a mutual admiration that has, over time, shifted toward the edge of undeclared deeper feelings.

Warning: SPOILERS contained in the information below.


He had seen a lot of centaurs in his lifetime, but few matched the poetic descriptions of physical exquisiteness as Maewren Gennedew.

–-The Beacon Thrones, Chapter Three

Maewren is described as being strikingly beautiful by centaur standards, and even by other creature-kinds.

Though she has no particularly outstanding features, the combination of her overall appearance is what many consider to be the 'poetic epitome' of centauride beauty. What annotates as 'poetic beauty' in the eyes of centaurs is not highly debated as most individuals universally agree on a combination of delicate, angled features, wider almond-shaped eyes, long equine legs, solid colouring, and contrasting colours of skin and fur, all of which Maewren possesses in her physique.

She has alabaster-hued skin and straight black hair of medium-long length and undulated thickness. Her equine half is also a rich black, as is her tail; the solid colouring is considered a highly attractive trait in centaurs. Her eye colour is a saturated blue, described as a sapphire hue.

While there are other female characters in the series that are technically more beautiful than Maewren (such as Ubi and Megandel), Maewren's is the only physical attractiveness that is not enhanced by magic, and thus hers is considered the true, natural beauty. What also helps in further amplifying her attractiveness is the gentle, kind quality of her character.

Of the clothing described in the first meeting, Maewren wears laced, pastel lilac garment over her torso. She also wears a pendant around her neck, which is given no exact detail, but which illustrations show to be a silver neck chain, set with a purplish tear-shaped iolite stone.

When the centaurs learn of the impending hobgoblin raid on Raegelina Forest, Maewren briefly takes her leave and comes back readily equipped for a fight; wearing a full leather body harness as well as a bow and quiver (likely a centaurion archer's quiver that can hold up to three dozen black-shaft arrows). Later, when she and the Sheddlys catch up with Belzor and his Soul Guards, to join in their journey northward, she is wearing a combination of lacey attire and protective leather.


The daughter of high-standing parents, Maewren is eloquent and graceful, with a polite and contemplative disposition. While a known presence in the noble centaur circles, and a regular attendee of social events, both elite and commonplace, she finds highly social engagements challenging and is generally reserved in group conversation, unless she is familiar and comfortable with those present.

She has a quiet and somewhat coy disposition and has trouble expressing her true thoughts and feelings, even to her friends. And although she is considered a very attractive individual, and is often the recipient of admiring compliments, she has never been swayed to vanity, and is, in fact, very humble in regards to her physical appearance (as well as her social status).

Though not one to be overly playful or humourous herself, Maewren enjoys the joviality of others and admires a blithe, witty disposition--as clearly seen in her close friendship with the Sheddy twins.


Maewren is one of the Misht'thurelin's higher-tiered disciples, and spends her days dutifully serving the spiritual needs of those who come to the temple of Elenoelian. Being a close, personal friend of Belzor (the Misht'thurelin himself), she is recommended by him and tasked with attending to Laeka'Draeon's friends (Ubi, Norf, Maikor and Fargo) during Laeka'Draeon's absence (after he leaves to have an audience with Belzor). She dutifully acts as their hostess and chaperone, and ends up striking up a budding friendship with Ubi.

When the Raegelian Forest come under threat of a hobgoblin raid, Maewren is assigned as protector over Laeka'Draeon's company (alongside Ferule and Chase Sheddly). She undertakes her role with earnest, to the point of (kindly) scolding Laeka'Draeon and Ubi for their foolishness in running off (into the woods) without her knowledge.

When Belzor leaves Elenoelian due to the premonitions imparted to him by the Imurainiir, Maewren, Ferule and Chase pursue him, aware of the dangers he is likely to face, and wishing to help him in every capacity available to them. On Maewren's part, she is also driven by her love for Belzor, and also a fear in how much risk he is putting himself in by wielding the Imurainiir. When the group encounter's Thrawn, Maewren is able to injure the monster by shooting it between the visor of its helmet. And, later, it is thanks to Maewren's reckless bravery that Thrawn's beast head is badly injured (when the centaurs take on the High General during the Second Gathering) which ultimately gives Belzor enough of an advantage to successfully destroy the monster.


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Maewren and Belzor have been friends since childhood, and ran in many similar social circles--she a centaur high-born, and he, a prodigy of the prophetic line; the youngest son of the previous Misht'turelin. It is clear, from early on in their interactions (The Beacon Thrones) that theirs is a more complicated relationship than simple amiability and mutual respect. Professionally, she is a disciple under his spiritual leadership, but their personal connection runs much deeper; she clearly harbours deeper, romantic feelings toward him, which she does not outwardly express, due to the nature of his duty as the Misht'thurelin. It is only near the end of their trials, with the looming Gathering on the horizon, that Maewren and Belzor finally express their feelings to one another.

Ferule and Chase Sheddly

As with Belzor, Maewren has been friends with the Sheddly brothers since childhood. A flashback memory reveals a young Maewren feeling overwhelmed by a social gathering, until a lanky, freckled Chase comes up beside her in comfort and encouragement. The ease with which the trio interact with each other is a testament to their long-standing and deeply valued friendship. The twins affectionately call her "love" which she finds endearing, and she is gracious in tolerating their boisterous and mischievous sides. Of the brothers, she shares a closer companionship with Chase, the reason (unbeknownst to her) stemming from an unrequited romantic love on Chase's part.

Tain Gennedew

Tain is given a brief introduction in The Beacon Thrones, as he (as a member of the summoned centaur council) is introduced to Laeka'Draeon. Later, he is seen with Prince Veilkiir's group in the Stratagem Pavilion, advocating against the use of Project Atonement, in the lead-up to the Second Gathering. It is revealed in the Dragon Calling extra content that Tain is Maewren's older brother. The state of their relationship is unknown, although considering Maewren's personality, they likely have maintained an amiable, if perhaps a little distant, connection.


After Maewren is assigned to Ubi, Norf and Maikor, as their attendant, Ubi quickly becomes an admirer, and the two form a mutual kinship--likely being able to relate to each other in regards to similar social standings, family responsibilities, and friendly, phlegmatic temperaments.


Although only recently met, Maewren takes an instant liking to Maikor, likely due to his selfless and helpful nature and slightly quirky disposition. Maewren establishes a confidence in the mifflin, enough to entrust him with helping her navigate through the woodland borders (of Caprine and Raegelian) in order to track down Laeka'Draeon and Ubi. And afterwards, she asks if he is willing to fly with them to Constellic Crossing (to rendezvous with Belzor) despite the dangers of having hobgoblins prowling through the forest.



Along with the crafting arts (pottery, mosaics etc), archery is one of Maewren's passions. Maewren is a natural at wielding the bow, and having practiced the form since youth, is exceptionally skilled. In fact, although she is not a sanctioned member of the centaur's armed forces, she out-classes almost all the centaurion archers; ranking in the top three centaur archers in Gelian, as far as skill and accuracy go. It is no wonder she is able to shoot hobgoblin's between forest trees, or sink an arrow between the helm slits of the monster, Thrawn.


As is the natural endowment of her kind, Maewren has impressively high stamina. It helps that she likely keeps physically fit from regular archery training sessions, and her role as an Elenoelian disciple includes being physically active (attending to the temple grounds and gardens).


As a spiritual disciple, Maewren is given the opportunity to participate in worship sessions, lending an avenue for her to keep her vocal talents well-exercised. And therein she holds another talent: a lovely singing voice, her tone a rich contralto.