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Profile Mifflin Fixed.jpg
General Information
Habitat Forests
Diet Nuts, Seeds, Fruits, Insects
Attributes Strength, Stamina, Agility, Acute Hearing, Acute Eyesight
Status Steady
Lifespan 130 cycles
Other Information
Colour Red, brown, yellow, orange, blue, green, grey, white, mixed
Height 3'7"
Manna Type Et'denin
Kingdom Gelian
Native Language Kutin: the woodland tribal dialect

Mifflins are an avian, tribal creature-kind, native to the forest regions of Gelian. They are genial creatures, with a cultural mentality of respect and kindness toward friends and strangers alike.

Given their natural attributes of super-strength (in ratio to their size) and superb directional awareness, mifflins make superior navigators and distributors when coordinating tasks with other creature-kinds, and their docile disposition lends to their repute as exceptional community servants.


Mifflins are a creature-kind of unique and curious anatomy. Much of their physiology is bird-like in composition, with a light skeletal structure, full-bodied covering of feathers, small, funnel-shaped ears, large eyes and a short, grainivore-shaped beak. They have large feather follicles that grow above each ear hole, and of which are highly sensitive to vibrations in the air.

Their legs are quite long, although they walk, sit, and perch in a permanent semi-crouched position. The thigh muscles are the largest muscle in a mifflin's body, and gives them tremendous leaping power, as well as the ability to carry objects many times their own weight. Aiding in the carrying ability are large, straight foot claws attached to short, thick toes that are extremely flexible; though mifflins have a tridactyl foot structure, the inner toe can swivel up to 180 degrees, enabling that toe (and claw) to act as an opposable appendage when gripping objects with their feet.

Miffins have long, sinewy tails covering in tiny, circular feathers that, visually, have a hair-like quality. The tops of their heads and tail tips grow thick, bunched feather follicles that, again, have a more hair-like composition as opposed to the rest of their feathers.

Mifflin colouring is diverse, with combinations of colours (reds, yellows, blues, browns, greens, greys) and patterns (spotted, flecked, striped, patched, swirled) that match the centaurs' in rich genetic variety.

Small but Super-powered

Though small and unassuming in stature, mifflins are power-packed with substantial and acute physical attributes.

Though they do not have a particularly high constitution (physically, they are frail), they are incredibly strong, able to carry objects ten times their own weight and size, even during flight.

The feather follicles above their ears enable them to detect and identify sounds up to eleven miles away. They are also able to sense magnetic fields and can see in the ultraviolet light spectrum.

Their eyes being their most acute feature, can also detect rapid movements over 100 light pulse motions per second, as well as slow-moving objects, like the rotation of the sun and stars (just like migratory birds). This gifts them with exceptional direction awareness, which they can use to find their bearings, even in the most tumultuous storms.

Like wild goshawks, mifflins have remarkable dexterity and speed when navigating through their forested home; during flight, they can efficiently dodge between trees and abruptly change direction in a single wing-beat.