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It sounds like the fun has started without us.

–- Mor'tuthra, speaking to Vagel about his lieutenants' moronic squabbling

Mor’tuthra of Nuuninav
Profile Mortuthra cropped.jpg
General attributes
Gender Male
Age 514 cycles
Creature-kind Vel-spectre
Other attributes
Eye Colour Ringed (black and pale green)
Height 8'2"
Weight 133 pounds
Manna Type Denin
Kingdom of Origin Unknown

Mor’tuthra is a vel-spectre (a creature of mysterious customs and unpredictable intentions) and an unassuming—albiet powerful—antagonist in the Dragon Calling series.

A member of the Cardinal Coterie, Mor’tuthra and other emissaries like him were designated to the various divisions of the Hold as attending agents after Sadukravon secured an alliance with the vel-spectre Queen. Mor'tuthra, specifically, is assigned as an assistant to Volten Vagel, and obeys his commands readily, though with what Vagel considers suppressed contempt cleverly masked behind over-dramatised politeness.


Mor'tuthra is described as being eerily tall and lissom, and wears a black, full-length robe that covers every part of his body (including long black gloves and a firmly bound headscarf). He also wears a mask to conceal his face; the piece is pale in colour and triangular in shape, with dark slits for the eyes and mouth. A ceremonial helm-like headdress completes the outfit, adding an element of elegance with its polished amethyst and golden quartz segments.

The bizarre elasticity of his physiology enables him to bend and contort at extreme angles (which he often does as a means of passive-aggressive intimidation).

His arms are long, as is his fingers, and when not in use are rested firmly against his sides to the point that they appear to meld in with the robe.

Mor'tuthra has a warbly, somewhat sing-song voice, as though he is almost always ready to laugh at something. But that is just his natural voice. His tone is described as being raspy.

Vel-spectres have an innate ability to move about silently and blend expertly into shadowed areas (black attire makes the skill easier). Mor'tuthra's appearances highlight the vel-spectre's uncanny stealth, and the cultural anonymity the creature-kind universally values.

Mor'tuthra's actual physical appearance largely remains a mystery.


Though compliant to every order and instruction from his superiors, Mor’tuthra retains a clandestine pretence, leaving those around him questioning his true thoughts and motives—just the sort of subliminally manipulative mind games he relishes.

Calm, collected, and potentially duplicitous, Mor’tuthra enjoys observing the calculating actions of others, while downplaying his own manipulative methods and conceited disposition. His mannerisms are often unsettlingly flippant; he indulges in satirical self-expression, and has what could be considered a narcissistic sense of humour.

A shadow within shadows, Mor'tuthra prefers to remain a background presence, away from the spotlight and within reach of more clandestine opportunities.