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Gestk, so much for keeping my hooves clean of the other kingdoms' muddy issues

–Norf, after listening to Laeka'Draeon's recount of his quest

Norf is a satyr from the woodland of Caprine, and one of the main characters in the Dragon Calling series.

Norf finds his normal (and what he considers 'boring') life turned upside down with the arrival of Laeka'Draeon. Though not one to normally concern himself with the business of others, Norf decides to assist the young dragon, in what he initially believes to be a temporary detour of his normality. What he doesn't count on, is being swept up and thrust into an adventure beyond his imagining (and much to the chagrin of the part of him that hates drama).


Aside from his bipedal posture, fingered hands, and large round nose, he looked very much like a tan-coloured goat.

–Kin Seeker, Chatper 20

Norf's physique and features are all typical for a satyr: bowed, hairy goatish legs, compact torso with well-toned muscles, and rounded facial features dominated by a bulbous nose and large ears.

All satyr horns grow backward from the forehead in a curve (sometimes even curling with spiralled growth), and Norf's are no different, although his horns are thicker and shorter than a lot of satyrs his age. His horns are a dark brown and match the hue of his cloven hoofs. His leg hair and head hair is a russet colour (darker brown with a reddish-orange tinge), and his skin tone is sandy tan.

Norf's hair is naturally prickly in appearance and sits high on his head.

He is fond of the colour red and wears a well-tailored red vest. He carries a special wooden music pipe which sits against his hip, hung from a leather cord slung over his shoulder.

Norf's face is very expressive, giving his reactions a somewhat comical flare (unintentional or otherwise).


Sarcastic, hot-headed and loud, Norf's disposition is likely to test the patience of anyone who interacts with him for prolonged periods of time. Though he would scoff at the idea, he can also be a little dramatic.

Though he is happy to deal a bit of tease and satire to others, he rarely handles being the target and can become unnecessarily irate, and even physically violent, very quickly.

Self-confident and knowledgable, Norf knows how to enjoy himself, regardless of the situation, even if what he says does not always line up with an optimistic outlook (definitely a lot of 'bark', with just a little bit of 'bite').

Although at times overbearing and selfish, Norf is steadfast when the occasion calls for it, and is a trustworthy confidant to his companions.

Norf is not very good at handling strong emotions, and will often mask feelings of fear, panic, or affection, with bouts of anger or sarcastic indifference.


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Valadilian Trivia: Norf's full name is Nordfius Finnavin Balsta Pykoet

Valadilian Trivia: Norf hates his full name. Hates.

Real World Trivia: If you converted a satyr's average lifespan to that of the average human lifespan, Norf's equivalent age would be 50 years old.