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Please, I ask you to look with all your heart and strength for the other dragons. You must—far more is at stake than you can comprehend.

–Opal Eyes, his beseeching for Laeka'Draeon to search for the missing dragons

Shortly following Fargo's cryptic request for Laeka'Draeon to search for something/ someone named 'Keiegn', another stranger makes contact with the young dragon. A small hemlan child, whose appearance and presence immediately amplifies the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the dragons.

Even more enigmatic and secretive than Fargo, the young boy speaks to Laeka'Draeon through Soul Talk (a type of telepathy) and asks him to look for the dragons.

Despite the urgency to his tone and demeanour, the boy evades further explanations, even so far as to avoid giving his name. And so, Laeka'Draeon ends up referring to him as Opal Eyes, due to the bizarre and alluring multi-hued colour of his irises.

For some reason, Laeka'Draeon feels drawn to trust the boy, and decides to act on his request, and begin the search for the dragons with focused purpose, despite not knowing (and not being told) which direction to best begin the search.

Opal Eyes is a supporting character in the Dragon Calling series, and also a reoccurring character. He features on the cover of the fifth, and final, book in the series, The Last Calling.

Warning: SPOILERS contained in the information below.


Scruffy blanched hair covered the crown of the boy's head, and nothing but an oversized, long-sleeved chemise hung over his scrawny, pale-skinned body.

–-Kin Seeker, Chapter Two

Although Opal Eyes' age is not specified, descriptions in the book, Kin Seeker, enable a reasonably accurate estimate of between 8 to 10 years old. At least physically. His eyes are unusual and exude a heightened, mature perceptiveness that is unnatural in hemlans (at least by Laeka'Draeon's initial assessment; despite his loss of memories and certain instinctual abilities, he retains his dragonic sixth sense of heightened aura perception).

For a hemlan his (approximate) age, Opal Eyes is noticeably underweight, and often has a pensive, melancholy demeanour, as though he carries some incredible internal burden he keeps to himself.

His eyes are the highlight of all his features, and draw immediate attention; both alluring and unsettling in the depth, ambiguity and quiet intensity they exude.

The only piece of clothing he wears is a pale-coloured chemise that is far too large for his small frame. An illustration from the author also depicts him as barefooted.


Ambiguous sums up Opal Eyes in one word. He is one of the most mysterious characters in the series, in every appearance often alluding that he knows a lot of what is going on in the kingdoms, but never offering explanations, and only vaguely hinting at certain things. He is soft-spoken and articulate, and--considering his vague and evasive methods--a particularly cautious individual.

He also seems to know about Laeka'Draeon, certainly more than Laeka'Draeon does, but again, is furtive in revealing answers for reasons he deliberately avoids divulging.

Opal Eyes, though clearly knowledgeable, is an unmistakably sad soul, often appearing wearied or quietly stricken. And yet, despite whatever secrets and limitations he is bound to, he is always seeking to assist Laeka'Draeon, which shows a nature that is benevolent.


Opal Eyes is the initial catalyst for Laeka'Draeon's quest; he reveals to the young dragon that the others of his kind have vanished, and that Laeka'Draeon is the only one who can unravel the mystery. He places Laeka'Draeon under a Paralysis Seal before making his elusive departure; although later it is revealed the effect was not a paralysis spell, but a manna connection made in order for Opal Eyes to enter Laeka'Draeon's dreams in order to communicate with him.

And that is what he continues to do throughout the series; he appears in Laeka'Draeon's dreams, often relaying cryptic words of warning, and reminding Laeka'Draeon of the importance of his quest. When Laeka'Draeon is placed in dire peril by Sadukravon and the Tainted Shadows, Opal Eyes steps in directly, taking on physical form and acting as a shield to try and protect Laeka'Draeon against the influence of corruption.


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Though weak and sickly in appearance, Opal Eyes' magical aptitude is almost immediately apparent and is as mysterious in nature as the boy himself. He is a hemlan (an Et'denin creature-kind) and yet he is able to use magic seemingly without a great deal of effort and without invocation (eg. by simply touching Laeka'Draeon, he was able to lock the young dragon in a Paralysis Seal).

Soul Talk

Opal Eyes can also use Soul Talk (the renown telepathic ability), which is not a skill that is easy to master, and is exceedingly rare in youngsters, especially to the proficiency Opal Eyes holds.


Not only can he wield magic through mere thought and touch, but Opal Eyes can appear, and interact, in the dreams of others (revealed numerous times throughout the series as his main form of communication with Laeka'Draeon). Those who possess the talent to reach into others' dreams are known as dream-walkers (the title originating from the sphinx of Rhin'Tset). It is an inborn skill, which cannot be taught or passed on to others (except through bloodlines), and is thus considered a high-tiered magic skill.


What was at first considered a Paralasis Seal is later revealed to be a powerful tethering ability. Opal Eyes utilises this skill in order to tether his manna with Laeka'Draeon's, primarily to be able to reach him quickly and connect to him through dreams. When Laeka'Draeon is under threat of being consumed by the corruption of the Tainted Shadows, Opal Eyes appears suddenly (as though teleported) in an effort to help him. This ability to appear instantaneously beside Laeka'Draeon is likely a result of the tethering.