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An unforgiving realm for those ill-equipped for its harsh, burning landscape, Rhin-Tset is essentially Valadae's 'Desert Realm'. Scorched in heat by sunspan and icy temperatures by sundark, over eighty-percent of the kingdom is governed by extreme conditions, where only the hardiest plants and creatures survive. The customs of Rhin-Tset’s native citizens are ancient and extravagant, the superstitions deep and ceremonial, with histories steeped in noble lineages, famous heroes, and terrible, bloody wars. Long ago a fierce and war-mongering nation, Rhin-Tset has since maintained an honourable, neutral peace with the other kingdoms of Valadae, although it is generally an unreceptive place, where strangers are looked upon with mild disinterest.

Kingdom of Sand

As the above geological details suggest, Rhin-Tset is dominated by arid rocky regions, and large swathes of sandy desert, from labyrinths of eroded, rocky crevices; sweeping wind-swept dunes; pockets of hard-soiled basins traced with only slivers of waterways; the entire scape sprawling westward to a coastline of giant, iron-grey cliffs that drop sheer into a warm sea, wrought with large, powerful currents.

Southern parts of the kingdom are more favourable to travellers, as there are several oasis pockets, including the Oenen settlement, and the famous Elspec Oasis—which houses Rhin-Tset's largest underground water supply.

The entire north-east of the kingdom is predominantly sand dunes—an area called the Wilder Desert.

Rhin-Tset is the lowest-lying kingdom in Valadae; a vast, sunken landscape that descends from all cardinal directions, down toward the kingdom's centre, which lies below sea-level, where sand and water have pooled to form a massive lake of quicksand, known as the Sand Sea. The Sea is a sacred area forbidden to outsiders, due in part to being a breeding ground for the rare (and dangerously giant) sand mantas.