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The Beacon Thrones Companion Guide is the second in the Companion Guide series: illustrated guides created to enhance and expand the world-building of the Dragon Calling series.

The author of the Dragon Calling series, N. R. Eccles-Smith, is also the content writer and illustrator for the Companion Guides.

Each of the guides offers exclusive insights and information on characters, places, lore, and creatures encountered in each of the Dragon Calling novels. Inclusive are the Prologue Comics (comics centred on the secondary characters and their personal endeavours leading up to their encounter with the main character).






TALES OF VALADAE: Includes: The Gathering, Kazthal the Great and Terrible, The Tree Children, & The White Fountain.

PLACES OF VALADAE: Includes: Realm of the Nymphs, Olmu Glade, Rellornen, Mistwood, The Labyrinth of Tears, & Beruun Terrolaghn.

CREATURES OF VALADAE: Includes: Morwulf, Faerie, Nymph, Soujor, Hemlan, Fellis, Water Horse, & Serpentine Drake.

PROLOGUE COMICS: Includes Shifra, The Wall-watcher, & Ghinzel.


The official companion guide to The Beacon Thrones continues the tradition of revealing fascinating facts from the realm of Valadae, following Laeka'Draeon's adventures. Introduced once again by Redwick Ravenwings, the celebrated "White Raven" chronicler.

Find out how the mysterious wall-watchers came into being, and discover the dark origins of the harpies' hatred for all things beautiful and pure.

Learn about more of the creature-kinds Laeka'Draeon meets on his journey: the morwulves and faeries, water horses and fellis, as well as the fabled Beacon Throne guardians, the serpentine drakes.

Discover what Shifra and Ghinzel were doing leading up to their encounter with Laeka'Draeon, in the popular Prologue Comics.

More exciting details from Valadae are ready to be unveiled.