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Is that why you are here, braeweur? You came to the Omet Woods to look for your kind?

–Ubi, during her first encounter with Laeka'Draeon

Ubi is a beautiful and adventurous unicorn filly, and one of the main characters in the Dragon Calling series.

Stifled and lonely by her stringent upbringing, Ubi breaks under a bout of emotional rebellion and flees from her home, vowing to never return. On her way to the western borders of the Omet Woods, she encounters a strange young dragon wandering the woods, and the course of her life takes an unexpected turn.

Warning: SPOILERS contained in the information below.


While the dominant colour in unicorns is white fur and grey skin pigmentation, Ubi is from the rarest of genetic lines, known as Goldling. Goldlings have gold-coloured fur and flaxen mane and tail and treated with additional care and attention by the other members of their herd.

Ubi is lithe in build, with willowy legs, compact body, and small, sharp hooves. Both her horn and hooves are a stormy silver colour, although when Ubi uses magic, her horn takes on an intense glow, usually blue or yellow-white in tone, depending on the type of magic.

Her eyes are described as being sky-blue and often sparkle with an unbridled show of emotion.

While her mane is quite long and lustrous, her tail is much shorter—a strong indicator to her youthful age (unicorns are not considered 'fully matured' until the age of 300).


Kind and cheerful, Ubi eases into interactions with others and is quick to befriend those who share her sense of curiosity and good manners.

She is naturally compassionate, although has no humour for sarcasm or vulgar behaviour. She is also considerably stubborn and finds the lofty status and high expectations of her Goldling inheritance extremely trying. Her cheerful and adventurous disposition is often stifled by her family's regulations and condescending attitude, and because of this, she is often argumentative and willful with her parents, even though she respects them.

Abnormally adventurous for a unicorn, Ubi has no qualms in joining Laeka'Draeon on his quest, and finds her new-found freedom exhilarating, despite the dangers.

I left my home and my inheritance. I have the chance to take my life down a new path, and I choose to go with you and help you find the other braeweurs.

–Ubi, on her request to join Laeka'Draeon


Ubi is the daughter of Hetra (of the Golding bloodline), the current Shuunhers the Divination (the equivalent of a spiritual leader in unicorn society) of the herd of Stal-Marr. As such, Ubi is intended to inherit her mother's position, not only as a Shuunhers, but also heir to the Goldling inheritance. This makes her a very high profile individual to her kind; akin to a princess.

Her status growing up has left her isolated, friendless, and dispirited, to the point where she rejects her calling entirely and runs away from her home. After meeting Laeka'Draeon, she experiences unbiased companionship for the first time in her life and is reinvigorated with a new purpose. She chooses to dedicate herself to his quest to find the other dragons and restore Klonnoth Aire (and the Beacon Thrones, once they learn of them).

Wherever Laeka'Draeon goes, Ubi follows, selfless and emboldened to help in whatever capacity she can. She is his primary source of emotional support.


Kin Seeker

Unable to withstand the pressures and loneliness her status as Goldling Heir demands, Ubi runs away from her home and ends up crossing paths with Laeka'Draeon. A fast friendship is formed while she acts as his guide through the Omet Woods, enough that she is willing to reveal to him a little of her past, and the truth that she is a runaway.

Through their harrowing experience in Darks Whelm, it is revealed there are creatures (and corrupted energies) that are able to nullify the magic of a unicorn, leaving them without any significant means of offensive and defensive measures.

With knowledge gleaned from the elders of her herd, Ubi is able to recount to Laeka'Draeon a little of the history pertaining to the dragons and the ancient enemies of Valadae (the hobgoblins and manticors) and the War of Shores that very nearly led to Valadae's destruction. She reveals that it was the dragons who ultimately turned the tide of the war and saved the allied kingdoms from annihilation, and that dragons are actually not native to Valadae.

The Beacon Thrones

Ubi diligently and patiently awaits Laeka'Draeon's return from his audience with Belzor Ven'Ho, and during the time of waiting befriends the group's assigned attendant, Maewren.

When Laeka'Draeon rushes off into the forest without explanation (after the centaurs learn of an impending hobgoblin attack on Raegelian's borders) Ubi runs after him without hesitation, despite knowing the act is one of disobedience and potentially self-endangerment. When she finally catches up with him, she finds him in a state of vicious rage (triggered by two hobgoblins attacking a mysterious morwulf girl). While initially frightened of him (and he subsequently disgusted with himself for his unexpected behaviour) Ubi is able to calm him down and explains that his instinct is a natural one; something the dragons' enemies called Fire of Judgment--a ferocious aggression against evil and corruption.

At Belzor's desperate beseeching, Ubi lends her Healing amplification to him in order for him to heal Maewren of the terrible wounds inflicted upon her by the ghoshmyl. Afterwards, Ubi reveals that when she heals others, she can feel their wrongness in her own body (but not their pain) and that only unicorns with experience and a strong constitution would be able to heal grievous injuries on their own.

Although Ubi spends much of the journey from the Raegelian Forest to Mistwood in conflict with Norf and muted displeasure over Shifra joining their company, she respects Lady Megandel's request (to have Shifra join their quest) and admires Laeka'Draeon enough to try and keep her peace as much as possible. While travelling through the Labyrinth of Tears, she becomes the target of Az-Thorz' psychological manipulations and ends up under his control and lured away into the enchanted bog (where he plans to absorb her Light and healing magical abilities). Selisidus' awakening is what ultimately saves her (and Norf) from drowning.

Dual Destiny (spoiler alert)

Of all the companions, Ubi is the most shocked and dismayed over Laeka'Draeon's metamorphosis curse. Despite this, she is continuously supportive of him and is quick to praise his efforts in adjusting to his body. Since she (being a unicorn) is most at risk of being targeted by Trappers, Madam Lume constructs a magical rope (with the aid of pixie-cat glamour) which Ubi is required to wear during the company's trip to the hemlan-dominant city of Shoumeign. The rope disguises her physical appearance, making her look like a normal, dun-coloured horse. Ubi finds the guise humiliating, but understands its necessity, and for Laeka'Draeon's sake (and the sake of the rescue mission) is willing to submit to the role of Ghinzel's 'pet filly' for as long as needed. She even condescends to stay in a horse stable, while the others are given normal lodging at the Red Antlers Inn.

During the harpy siege, Ubi uses a special magic application called Manna Hold, to help keep Laeka'Draeon on her back (after he insists to stay with her and help protect her while the others occupy the back of Madam Lume's wagon. She uses piercing Light spells to keep the harpies at bay as much as possible during the group's attempt to flee the city. After the escape, she and Shifra help to keep the company calm while they tend to the groups various injuries. Ubi is only able to use her Healing magic sparingly, and only after Ghinzel cleanses the poison from the wounds using a Melio Cress poultice (which is specifically purposed to treat infected injuries).

When the group is captured by the sphinx, Ubi is quick to comply to their wishes, although reiterates her concern over Laeka'Draeon's condition until they eventually allow her to heal him.

Within the Void of Storm and Fire, as the Black Sand begins to envelope Ubi, she cries out for Laeka'Draeon to not leave her. This suggests that her greatest fear is being left alone/ abandoned.

The Sword of Stars (major spoiler alert)

At this stage in the journey, Ubi is Laeka'Draeon's go-to confidant and encourager. She is also establishing a better relationship with Shifra and has also developed a surprisingly strong comradery with Norf, and acts with motherly affection toward Ghinzel. Since Yarad has proven his allegiance to Laeka'Draeon, she trusts in the mage.

When Laeka'Draeon's Fuls ov Kuvvasharrn (Fire of Judgement) is triggered and he attacks the bandits who attempt an assault on Shifra, Ubi is the only one able to call him back out of his 'savage episode'. Aware of Laeka'Draeon's deepening concern over his increasingly uncontrollable savagery, Ubi offers him comfort and affection and reiterates her (absolute) faith in him, which helps to bring him out of his anxious state.

Fleeing the Maurin Moor goblins, the companions fall into the crevasse that leads into the ancient, abandoned Deep Ways. Aside from Laeka'Draeon, Ubi is the only other companion to have an adverse sensitivity to the corruption that continues to taint the realm (as a result of the destruction wrought during the War of Shores); that, and she is naturally a creature of woodland and light, and so finds the darkness especially unpleasant. When confronted by the tainted shadows, Ubi's magic is completely nullified, rendering her especially vulnerable (mentally and physically). Both she and Laeka'Draeon become susceptible--Laeka'Draeon to a devastating degree, when the tainted shadows directly come into contact with his manna. As he loses control over his Fire of Judgement, Ubi once again attempts to calm him, but this time it doesn't work. He attacks her and leaves her mortally wounded. The company manage to bring Laeka'Draeon back to his senses, and stabalise Ubi, and make haste to Coron-Mias in an effort to save her life. She is taken by the hippogriff, Ametrine, to Armon-nen, where the local healers work to save her life or purge her of the corruption that infected her during her trek through the Deep Ways.

The Last Calling (major spoiler alert)

After the companions restore the eastern Beacon Throne, and complete their divergent mis-adventure to Duintrai, they return to Coron-Mias to reunite with Ubi (who, due to her dire condition, was left behind). Ubi is found in a secluded glade, surrounded by unicorn attendants. Laeka'Draeon, being the first to allowed to enter the glade, is attacked unprovoked, and forced into a confrontation with a spirited black unicorn named Aej. Ubi manages to intervene, and scolds Aej for his behaviour--although he counters by explaining his grievances (believing Laeka'Draeon had spirited Ubi away from her family) and revealing the startling fact that he is Ubi's fiancé. Ubi is both ashamed and aggrieved at how the truth unfolded, and how she unfairly left her family to wonder and worry over her fate, but is still insistent on continuing her journey with Laeka'Draeon. Despite being hurt at her rejections, Aej concedes, and Ubi at last has a proper reunion with the rest of the companions.

At the allied armies encampments, Ubi makes the decision to participate in the coming Gathering, by joining the rear defense and support units, as a healer, alongside Ghinzel and Norf (both of whom opt to assist Jessa and her unit in reinforcing the defense barricades) and Aej--who follows under the command of Great Stal-Marr. When the defense lines are attacked by the Parasite and a subsequent horde of Don-Chease, Ubi is prepared to stand her ground and die alongside her companions. It is thanks to Shifra's decision to use the Aunuen to break the dragons' Sod'minokul (Blood Curse) that they are saved and the Parasite is destroyed.

Ubi travels with the rest of the companions to Se'ciel and remains there, awaiting Laeka'Draeon's recovery. She participates in the spontaneous festivities alongside Aej--their interactions implying that their relationship has mended and grown.



Ubi first encounters Laeka'Draeon during her flight from her home (as a runaway). His friendly and naïve disposition allows her to easily connect with him, and the two become fast friends. Since he is nameless (due to his memory loss) she suggests he use a substitute and recommends the name 'Laeka'Draeon', which in the hilesal language means, little dragon. He finds the name a little on-the-nose, but agrees to use it. After she is kidnapped by the Don-Chease and subsequently rescued by Laeka'Draeon, the bond between them is deepened and she--desiring a fresh start and new purpose--requests to accompany him on his journey. For Ubi, Laeka'Draeon is her first true and genuine friend. She is quick to establish a deep trust and emotional bond with him which is reflected in a show of devotion to his cause, and support and submission to his choices.


At first, Ubi is at odds with Norf, finding his loud and forward manner too obnoxious for her liking. They are polar opposite in personalities and approaches, which Ubi struggles to handle well. She is quick to take offense and be baited by his remarks, and their pair often end up bickering or exchanging sharp, underhanded quips. It is only after Ubi's near-death experience in the Labyrinth of Tears, and Norf's valiant efforts to save her, that the two begin to form a more tolerable cohesion. And while throughout their adventures they continue to spar verbally and exchange moments of irritation and teasing, Ubi develops a firm trust and appreciation toward the satyr, which is reciprocated. Two things they share in common, which have helped to forge their friendship: their love for music and song, and their dedication to Laeka'Draeon.

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Light Magic

Ubi is able to cast magic in the form of radiant energy. It is an inherent ability of all unicorns, rooted in instinct, able to be cast and within the first few months after birth. Even though a natural talent, wielding such energy requires schooling in order to improve in the areas of control, duration and power. It is pretty clear Ubi has had sufficient training in regards to casting Light magic. She can create and blast long beams of energy from her horn as well as shoot shafts of light--akin to throwing spears or arrows.

The power behind her castings is enough to startle, stun and possibly burn, but not strong enough to cause piercing damage or intense enough to disintegrate. While competent and well-trained, she is still young and inexperienced and probably requires years of further training to increase the power of her magic.


One of Ubi's most valuable assets is her ability to cast Healing magic. Again, this is in inherent trait of unicorns, although the knack and potency varies between individuals and bloodlines. Being a Goldling, she is inherently blessed with an strong natural affinity and proficiency to wield above-average Healing magic. She is able to regenerate torn and damaged tissue, close up broken blood vessels and accelerate the natural biological healing abilities of whomever she touches. If parts of muscle or flesh is missing, she is able to activate complete regeneration. It is unknown (and unlikely) that she can restore severed limbs or missing organs. As with Light magic, summoning manna to use for Healing uses stamina; Ubi is only capable of expending a certain level of energy before becoming exhausted.


Ubi is extremely agile, able to dodge and dart at sharp angles (running between trees/ evading boulders and debris) and leap impressive distances (jumping the temple moat in Darks Whelm). It is mentioned multiple times how impressed and startled Laeka'Draeon is at just how physically dexterous she is. While her physiology lends toward this aptitude (with long slender legs and a lissome body) it is a fact that unicorns enhance their speed and reactiveness using magic. Ubi would be no different (which is why she is left especially vulnerable when her magic is nullified).

Soul Talk

Soul Talk is a type of telepathy, and can only be learned by those of Denin (magical) blood. Ubi is the only one of the main quest companions who can communicate this way. It is not an easy ability to master, and would be categorized as moderate-to-advanced in difficulty. As such, Ubi would likely have begun learning Soul Talk from a young age, as she is relatively proficient at communicating via this method and uses it when unable to talk directly (e.g. when she has to pretend to be a horse during the Shoumeign Arc).